Home Improvement Work Around The House Can Give You Arthritis Or Osteoporosis

Every wife dreams of the day their husband finally hangs that window blind in the bedroom he promised he would, fix that cupboard door with the broken cabinet hinge or fix the leak under the sink in the kitchen. That is unfortunately the price you pay for purchasing your own house. While most people live to buy their own home renting in many ways has more benefits than you think. For one you don’t have to fix anything that breaks in the rental you just phone your landlord. Let’s take a look at some health benefits to renting a property.

Kitchen Problems

Your kitchen if the place if your home which apart from your bathroom get’s used the most. This means there is allot more wear and tear on the kitchen cupboard doors, granite counter tops, sink area and oven area. Your cupboard hinges eventually wear thin and start to come loose from the cabinet sides, Your sink cabinet starts to swell from all the wasted water on it and your oven area gets full of oil, foods and other things that collect dirt. Now if you’re a handyman in Cape Town it’s pretty easy to maintain your kitchen but for the rest of us we need a professional kitchens company in Cape Town.

installing kitchen hinges in kitchens Cape Town

The benefits of not repairing your own kitchen cupboards is that it’s very good for your hands. You have less of a chance of picking up the disease osteoporosis or arthritis because your joints in your fingers don’t take so much strain when you work for long periods of time on your kitchen.

Hanging Window Blinds

Hanging window blinds can be very tricky. You will need a ladder to balance on as well as a power drill to hold and work with. This can be very strenuous on your joints of your hands and fingers causing osteoporosis and arthritis. It’s best to hire a blinds contractor in Cape Town to do this kind of home improvement work for you as it will be very beneficial to your health as well as save you on doctors bills.


Plumbing Nightmares

For most home owners a plumbing problem comes when you least expect it and at a time when you’re really not up for it. A sink pipe could leak, a toilet could be over flowing or a wall pipe or geyser cold burst. These are all plumbing problems that no one wants to deal with. Unfortunately the poor husband is sometimes pressured by the wife to play the part of a handyman and fails miserably. Plumbing can also give you arthritis in  your hands when using plumbing pliers for long periods of time. You can also pick up osteoporosis in your bones if you don’t eat properly when you’re on a plumbing call out. So why risk your health when you can hire a plumber to do the work for your. Most plumbers in Cape Town are experienced at fixing burst geysers, leaking pipes or unblocking toilets so rather pay them to do the dirty work.

Plumbers dilemma

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Kate Middleton Losing Weight

Are you a fan of Kate Middleton? Then you may also be attracted to her diet or the weight loss diet tablets that she uses to achieve the figure that looks perfect in most people’s eyes.

Kate Middleton before using the diet

Kate was not slim as she is today when she was in the University. The pictures in her student days – over 10 years ago, show a quite fat woman with a round face, big legs and hands and choppy cheeks. During that time she was size 10-12. Today she is very slim and she is around size 6. In addition, you can easily notice her weight loss on the face. She once claimed of having lost over 20 pounds in less than 5 months. This was before she wedded Prince William on April 2011. This surprised most people. They were curious on how the so called Kate Middleton Diet tablets and her diet made her achieve this.

Arguments on the Kate Middleton Diet Tablets


People have different opinions on the Kate Middleton Diet. There are people who claim that Kate followed a healthy diet and observed an active lifestyle with regular workouts. She is supposedly to have been eating natural healthy foods, fats and also drinking lots of water. She highly avoided the processed and boxed foods. Today, she cooks British dinner using the natural materials rather than eating fast foods or going to restaurants. Along with the Kate Middleton weight loss tablets, Kate also regularly takes exercises that highly contribute in her weight loss. While in the university, she was the schools hockey team captain and also took part in charity boat races and rowing. Now she attends yoga classes and at other times she is usually at the gym. Generally, people who came up with the idea believe that the diet is effective and Kate should be a good model.

Another opinion suggests that Kate Middleton Diet never exist. People with this opinion try to prove that Kate was highly stressed as a result of the press paying too much attention on her private life. As a result, she lost her appetite and also found it very hard to eat. It would be hard to believe this suggestion since Kate also managed to lose most of the baby weight after she gave birth to her first child.

803px X 1000px - Kate Middleton weight loss diet plan for pregnancy

There are other people who try to prove that the Kate Middleton Diet is the Dukan diet. The Dukan diet is a very low calorie diet which also limits the nutrient intake. The followers of this diet only eat fish, lean meat and fat free dairy products. In addition, the dieters are supposed to take only water, tea or coffee. Health experts believe that the Dukan diet is a stupid way of dieting since the dieter will not get enough vitamins, nutrients and calories which the body highly needs to function properly and also survive. As a result, the dieter feels weak, tired and also lacks energy to do the daily tasks. Temptation to use weight loss pills is very strong. But are they safe and effective?

Setting the expectations

There is no bullet magic to losing weight. The best way to lose your weight and also keep it off completely is by changing your lifestyle. Eat healthy low calorie diet, vegetables, fruits and also workout regularly.

Weight loss pills, prescription medicines, and herbal medicine, over the counter medicines and other dietary supplements are good tools that can help with weight loss. However, there is only a little research related to the products and the most studied are the prescription weight loss drugs.

For example, one study in the year 2014 reviewed over 21 long term trials on prescription drugs used to treat obesity. The research concluded that after a person have changed their lifestyle; a prescription weight loss drug may increase the chances of reducing the weight within a short time.

A reasonable expectation is that some prescription weight loss pills can be highly beneficial although they won’t be magical. They never work for every person and their benefits can also be modest. Furthermore, researchers know very little about over the counter weight loss products.

How to choose a diet plan that will work best

As a general rule, you should totally stay away from any program or a diet that promises any of the following:

• That draw very simple conclusions from medical studies

Before seeing the entire medical study or before you have understood how to comb through the research, you can hardly understand the conclusions. Extrapolation of individualized components of a research is easier to ensure that it applies to what it is promoted for.

• Promises weight loss without any exercise

It is not possible to shed weight permanently without engaging in any exercise. In addition to fat loss, you may lose large amounts of lean muscle mass. It is advisable that you preserve as much lean muscle mass as possible when working to shed weight even though, you may end-up losing some of it. Research has proved that it is hard to maintain your weight loss without doing any exercise.

• Requires you to buy potions, pills or any other dietary supplement

You can achieve weight loss by minimizing your calories intake and engaging in workouts. Most potions, pills and dietary supplements in the market today will work to reduce your money rather than reduce your fat storage.

• Do away with macro-nutrient or even drastically reduce a certain category of foods

There are some diet plans hat may require you to reduce your carbohydrate intake or other items. You should consider sticking to a natural diet since it is the safest and the most effective way to lose your weight and most likely keep it off. Portion and moderation control is the key to losing weight effectively.

• Effortless and rapid weight loss

Nothing good is effortless. And this also applies to losing weight. If weight loss was effortless 2/3 Americans wouldn’t be obese or overweight.

• If the producer uses a celebrity to promote it, most likely it is a fad

Just because a famous person says that they used the product and achieved great results, it doesn’t mean that it is the best program in the market

Finding The Best Liposuction Surgeons In South Africa

Finding the best liposuction surgeons in South Africa is not an impossible mission. However, it is a mission that requires the heeding of certain guidelines. These guidelines are not difficult to understand, and anyone can use them.

Speak With People

The first guideline would be to speak with people that recently used on of these surgeons. Find out how they found out about this particular surgeon, how many other surgeons they looked into and if they are happy. It is important to consult as many people as possible, because there are many surgeons in this particular area of the world.

Consult Local Doctors

The next guideline would be to consult local doctors. Local doctors know the best surgeons in the area. If possible, it would be great to get a referral from a local doctor, because a referral will drop the price of the liposuction. People should consult as many doctors as possible. For every doctor, there is a surgeon.

City Directory

Another guideline would be to search through the city directory. The city directory is full of liposuction surgeons. However, when searching through the city directory, people should only contact the surgeons with large advertisements. Surgeons with large advertisements are the most popular surgeons within the area. Furthermore, surgeons with large advertisements have the most clients from the local area. It important to contact all surgeons with large advertisements and find out how they differ in services.

Talk To Lawyers

People hardly think about this, but talking to lawyers is a great way to find the best liposuction surgeons in the area. Lawyers know which surgeons were recently sued and which ones were sued in the past and recent past. This will greatly help when searching for the perfect surgeon.

Worldwide Web

One additional guideline to finding this type of surgeon in South Africa would be to visit the World Wide Web. When using a search engine, a person should search for, “liposuction surgeons South Africa.” This search will produce dozens of doctors that do this type of procedure.

People should only visit the websites of the first three doctors. The first three doctors are the best doctors within the area, and they have the best reviews. The reviews come from patients that recently received surgery from the particular doctor. The first three doctors also have high ratings, which make them the best in the area.


The guidelines here will help people find the best liposuction surgeons in South Africa. Many people have used the guidelines presented here, and they were able to find the best surgeon in no time at all. These guidelines have also helped people save the most money, too.

People that use these guidelines should try all of the guidelines that are listed here. Trying all of the guidelines listed here will give people more of a chance to find the perfect surgeon for their situation. Having option is the best thing for people searching for a surgeon; this helps people see every surgeon for what they are when compared to others.


> KateMiddletonWeightLossTablets.com

A Quick Glimpse on Liposuction Surgeons

Liposuction surgeons are amongst the many medical experts who are in high demand globally. However, not all cosmetic surgeons are experts in this field. Liposuction is a process that can be risky if performed by someone with limited liposuction skills. For excellent results, one has to locate surgeons who have constantly produced exceptional results in their procedures.

Experienced and principled surgeons based in Cape Town are always in great demand. This is because people are exceptionally sensitive regarding health matters. Only veteran and well trained surgeons will take you through the process safely. Moreover, safety has to be your prime concern before you agree to undergo any medical procedure. There are also some controversies surrounding this process that can be best explained by an expert. For instance, the amount of liposuction that can harm an individual has always been a prime concern for numerous patients.

Technology has played a major role in improving medical services across the globe. Unfortunately, not all surgeons have embraced the use of the most recent liposuction techniques. It is necessary that you do a little research about the newest liposuction discoveries before making any move. Medical journals and internet are sources of information that can give you a gist on the safest and latest liposuction procedures. Let the information gathered through this process help you locate the surgeon of your choice.

Liposuction surgeons in JHB have developed marketing strategies that might be deceptive to many patients. Beware of exaggerations that these experts put up on billboards to lure more customers. Being that adverts are majorly promotional, ensure that you check out the pieces of equipment that the surgeons boast of before scheduling a meeting with any of them. Remember that surgeons do not charge the same rate for their services. Even so, never compromise on your health by going for a cheap liposuction surgery.

Visit a lipo surgeon in Pretoria

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